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7 days
Full of positive impressions warm city Tbilisi, mountains of the great Caucasus, fragrant Georgian wine and traditional feast Supra - all are waiting for you on this tour.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy all the variety of beautiful landscapes of hospitable Georgia, which you will remember for your lifetime. Especially real gourmets will enjoy Georgian hospitality with traditional dishes and delicious wine.
Day 1
"Famous Georgian sulfur baths and a night in Tbilisi"
12.00 - Tbilisi
We will organize a transfer for you from the Tbilisi airport to your hotel in the city. Our drivers for sure will help you to bring your luggage to the car and from there to your room.

12.30-13.00 - Accommodation at Log Inn Boutique Hotel ***
The boutique-style hotel in the city will not leave you indifferent. On the terrace you can relax, and then stroll through the Old Town along the narrow streets with tiny colorful squares and Tbilisi old wooden houses with carved balconies.

14.00-15.00 - Free time (lunch)
In the Old Town there are many small cozy restaurants where you can taste real Georgian Khinkali, delicious Khachapuri and great barbecue pork with sauce Tkemali. We will advise you the best restaurant in town, where you can try all of these dishes.

16.00-17.30 - Visit the Mount Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain)
We will go up at the cable car to the Mount Mtatsminda with panoramic views of Tbilisi. This is one of the best places in town for a mind-blowing photoshoots. We also will visit Legvtakhevi waterfall in the Old Town.

18.00-19.00 - Abanotubani, the famous sulfur baths in the city center
We will visit the historic part of the city - the famous sulfur baths Abanotubani. You will also be offered to make a traditional massage Kisa, which rejuvenates the skin and makes it as newly born. This massage for men and women is different: women - softer, and male - stronger. Unbelievable experience! We definitelty advise to do it.

19.00-19.30 - Walk at fresh air and a waterfall

Next to the baths there are a couple of very nice cafes where you can relax after a massage. A picturesque waterfall Legvtakhevi is also very close. And across the road on the hill there is an old castle Narikala, which is older than the city itself.

20.00-22.30 - Our dinner time
If you wish, we will gladly arrange you to have dinner in a traditional Georgian restaurant, which will have Georgian songs and dances including famous ancient Georgian dance with swords. Here we will be served with fried chicken with milk sauce Shkmeruli on a clay griddle and ketsi Badrijani with spicy paste of walnuts.

23.00 - Return to the hotel. Free time
Day 2
"Solar capital of Georgia Tbilisi and Mtskheta ancient capital"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at the hotel
After a morning coffee and fed breakfast we will leave the hotel for the city tour of Tbilisi.

10.00-13.00 - The capital of the historical part of the foot of the fortress Narikala

Tbilisi will break your heart with its charming romantic narrow streets that are exquisitely decorated with facades, old Tbilisi wooden houses with carved balconies and other many attractions that are located close to each other: the city's main fortress Narikala (IV c.), which locals call "the heart of Tbilisi", the center of the Old town and the street Shardeni where you will feel the atmosphere of the Great Silk Road.

13.30-15.00 - our lunch time at the restaurant in the city

We will advise you a restaurant Shemoikhede Genatsvale, which will prepare a delicious soup Kharcho for us in a jug with the famous local herbs and served with a glass of Georgian homemade wine.

15.00-15.30 - The Holy City of Mtskheta
We will go to the religious center of Georgia - Mtskheta.
Orthodox call it "the second Jerusalem".

15.30-16.15 - Jvari Monastery (VI-VII centuries)
After a delicious lunch should be a little walk up on the hill of the Holy Cross Monastery with a breathtaking view of the city of Mtskheta and the merger of two rivers - Aragvi mountain and muddy Kura.

16.15-17.30 - Temple of Life-Giving Pillar Svetitskhoveli (XI century)
While walking through the shops in Mtskheta you can buy varied souvenirs. The heart of the city tour begins in Svetitskhoveli - one of the most sacred places of Georgia where Heaton Lord kept. Grand Cathedral is famous for its unique murals, color facades decorated with different reliefs. Also in the cathedral, you can pray.

17.30-18.00 - Return to Tbilisi
Our excursion day comes to an end and we are happy to arrange for you to dinner in a Georgian restaurant Kalanda.

18.00-18.45 - Accommodation at Log Inn Boutique Hotel. Free time

20.00-22.30 - Our dinner time
Restaurant Kalanda (from the goods - Feast) with its traditional interiors and incendiary national dances. Here for us will be cooked veal in wine sauce. It will be offered with homemade wine from the winery "Kotekhi".

22.30 - After dinner come back to hotel. Free time
Day 3
"Mountain Georgia, Great Caucasus and the top of Kazbegi with the highest alpine church in Europe"
08.00-09.00 - Breakfast in Log Inn Boutique Hotel
Your full breakfast at the hotel with a beautiful terrace will be the beginning of our mountain path.

09.00 - Mountains, alpine zone of the Caucasus
A famous Georgian Military Highway in Aragvi gorge will bring us to Gudauri - ski resort of the breathtaking Caucasus.

11.30-12.00 - Cross Pass and the Arch of Friendship of People
On the Cross Pass (2395 m) we will visit the Arch of Friendship of People - the monument of the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, built at an altitude of 2384 meters.

12.40-13.00 - The village of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)
Small village Stepantsminda (1,700 m. above sea level), with a charming view at the top of Kazbegi (5047m.). You will remember these views for a long time.

13.00-14.00 - Mountain lunch
We will have lunch in the comfortable home of a friendly hostess Lela. She will prepare a traditional dish for us - eggplant with tomatoes.

14.00-17.30 - Gergeti Holy Trinity Church
After a delicious lunch we will walk to Gergeti Church (XIII c.), which is at 2170 m. above sea level and is the highest situated cross-domed church in Europe. From here begins a beautiful cascade of impressions - stunning views of the top of Kazbegi and ridge of the Caucasus. We can also rent cars 4x4, which will take us to the church, wait for us there and then return back to the village.

17.30-19.30 - Return to the village
Our dinner will be special. We will have the pride of Georgian mountains - tasty Khinkali.

19.30-21.00 - Our home-cooked meal in the mountains
We are happy to serve you a delicious mountain-Georgian dish Khinkali that will be prepared by our mountain hostess Lela. Of course we will also try an integral part of the tavern dinner - local vodka Chachu.

21.00 - Accommodation in the family hotel of Lela. Free time
After a full day of emotions we will have a quiet holiday in a homely atmosphere with a wonderful view of the mountains.
Day 4
"Ancient cave city Uplistsikhe and warm city Tbilisi"
08.00-09.00 - Breakfast in the mountains
Your delicious breakfast from Lela at the top of Kazbegi background, which is particularly clearly visible in the morning, will be your fabulous memories from Georgia.

09.00-11.00 - Ananuri and Zhinvali Reservoir
On the way we will visit the castle temple Ananuri (XVII century.). Castle-Temple is located at Zhinvali reservoir, our drivers wil stop at the bridge, which offers the best view for photos.

11.30-13.15 - The town of Gori, Stalin's birthplace

We set off in the direction of the city of Gori, which is the home town of Stalin. We can also stop and take a picture of his own house, and visit the museum.

13.30-14.30 - Delicious lunch
We cook delicious fried trout on skewers in a restaurant near Uplistsikhe, where we will have Pkhali (vegetables with nut paste) and a delicious barbecue. There you can also enjoy workshops for the preparation of Georgian cuisine.

14.30-15.30 - Ancient cave city Uplistsikhe

Walk on the cave city (I millennium BC.) with festive and ritual halls, theater, pharmacy, streets and of course though the wine cellar of the ancient period.

15.30-17.30 - Return to Tbilisi
We return to the warm city, where in addition to the well-fed dinner awaits us a walk in the evening Tbilisi.

- Free time in Tbilisi and the "Flea Market"

Before dinner we have free time. We will visit the "Dry Bridge" where is the local "flea market". Here you can find everything from really old stuff to avant-garde works by contemporary Georgian artists.

18.30-19.00 - Meeting with our drivers
Our drivers will meet us and take out for dinner.

19.00-21.00 - Delicious dinner time
We will have a delicious dinner in the restaurant Okros katha (Golden glass), where we will be treated with a delicious Chashushuli (veal in wine sauce), Georgian beer, which is brewed right in the restaurant, and specialty dessert - apple pie with fresh cream.

21.00-22.00 - Hotel Accommodation in Old Meidan Tbilisi ***

Leathure time in the hotel, which is located in the heart of the Old Town on the banks of the river Mtkvari (Kura) and its ambience has become a favorite place for our guests.
Day 5
"City of love from the song" Million scarlet roses "and a hometown of Valiko Mizandari from the movie" Mimino "
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at the Old Meidan Tbilisi
Charming hotel with views of the Old Town seems particularly elegant.

10.00 - Departure towards the wine region
Our journey continues, we have head the Kakheti region, which Georgians call "the cradle of wine".

12.00-12.45 - Bodbe Monastery with vineyard
Wine in Georgia is not just a drink. In the IV century educator Equal to the Apostles St. Nino preached Christianity with the cross made of the vine. Around the tomb of Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino in the beautiful vineyard nuns still grow old Georgian grape varieties.

13.00-14.00 - Tour of Love
Near the monastery there is the city of love Sighnaghi from the love story "Million scarlet roses" famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani. Taking a walk through the narrow streets and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley, we will see a defensive wall around the city, the second largest in the world.

14.00-15.00 - Kakheti Meal Time
We will offer you a lunch in a local restaurant with the view over the Alazani Valley. We will be happy to treat you with Kakhetian barbecue and homemade wine in the open air enjoying the beauty of the Caucasian ridge vineyards.

15.00-15.45 - Wine tasting in the family cellar in Okro (Gold)
We will also try wines from the family winery. You will remember it for a long time not only aromatic wines with brand Okro Kakhetian taste, but also the well-known hospitality of the Georgian people in the home interior winery Okruashvili family.

15.45-17.15 - Telavi, capital of Kakheti

We will have a walk in the hometown of famous georgian actor Valiko Mizandari from the movie "Mimino". Monument king of Kakheti Heraclius II and a huge 950-year-old tree in the center of Chinar - a favorite places for lovers of photography.

18.30-19.00 - Hotel Accommodation Zuzumbo Hotel ***

Charming hotel in the classical style with a view of the Alazani Valley. You will immediately notice upon entering the wine area with old buried in the ground on the most neck jugs for wine. They are called Kvevri and can take a few hundred liters.

19.00-22.00 - Our dinner at the hotel Zuzumbo Hotel, which will be remembered by real gourmets for a long time

During the traditional feast of tasty good food, we will be offered wine produced by the host of the hotel. For centuries Georgians drank wine from the horns. If you are a lover of Georgian wine, you can taste the wine from it.

22.00 - Free time
After a delicious dinner we will have free time to relax. We have many variants at the common lounge area and a terrace.
Day 6
"Kakheti wine Alazani valley, an ancient principality of Kakheti, the Georgian Academy of wines and the monastery surrounded by vineyards"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast in the hotel Zuzumbo Hotel
Breakfast dishes of Georgian cuisine will be prepared with local organic products and will give your morning a special mood.

10.00-11.00 - Main Church of Kakheti, Alaverdi Cathedral (XI century)
After visit to the cathedral there is the opportunity to buy genuine Georgian monastery wine. Here the monks produce honey and cultivate vineyards, the harvest of which subsequently goes to the production of the monastery wine.

11.00-12.00 - Ancient Agro academy (XI cent.), Monastery complex Ikalto (VI cent.)
We will visit the ancient building of the Academy, where in addition to wine production theory has also been studied and unique technology. Next to the Academy in the yard there are three churches all of different types, which together form the monastery complex Ikalto.

12.00-13.00 - Old Telavi Bazaar
To make a Georgian evening for your family at home you should visit the traditional market to buy freshly Utskho suneli (spices), local cheeses and sweets churchkhela Kakheti.

13.00-14.30 - our lunch time in Telavi
We recommend you a Telavi restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch. We would be happy to treat you with well-known dishes - eggplants with spicy paste of walnuts and mushrooms with Sulguni (delicious Georgian cheese) on a clay griddle Ketsi.

14.30-15.30 - Winery Shumi, myths and reality
We will visit the winery Schumi with the wine accessories (I millennium BC.). An experienced winemaker will tell about the traditional Kakheti wine production technology. After this, we will be offered to taste fine wines.

15.30-17.30 - Manor Tsinandali, famous Georgian family
We will visit the first European salon in Georgia, the house-museum of nobility Tsinandali (XIX c.) with a unique garden. After the tour we will be offered to taste different wines of the Duck old palace in the famous historic "Marani Tsinandali" (wine cellar), where Prince Alexander Chavchavadze was the first man in Georgia who made wine according to European technology.

17.30-20.00 - Return to Tbilisi
Our wine day is coming to an end and we are pleased to invite you to a gala dinner in a nice restaurant.

20.00-22.30 - Gala dinner in the luxurious Mravalzhamieri (many of the summer)
There awaits us a traditional Georgian feast with delicious food and excellent house wine from the winery "Hareb." Company will make us Georgian artists who will perform live songs for the ancient Georgian feasts and sing your favorite songs. Another experience of a lifetime - Georgian polyphony and incendiary national dances.

22.30 - Hotel Accommodation Dolabauri ***. Free time
The hotel has a lounge bar and a great terrace with wonderful views of the city. You can get an unforgettable pleasure of relaxing in the fresh air here.
Day 7
"The city, which is not easy to give up, or Good buy friendly Georgia"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast in the hotel Dolabauri
A hearty breakfast in the cozy atmosphere will make a great start of your morning.

10.00-11.00 - "Construction of the Century" - Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
In the morning we will visit the most grandiose church of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the patriarchal church in Tbilisi, which is considered as the "Construction of the Century" in Georgia.

11.00-14.00 - Walk along Rustaveli Avenue
Outdoors we walk on Rustaveli (the main avenue of the city) to the Liberty Square, where close to each other are historical buildings Monument St. Giorgi, Town Hall, Theatre National Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre Rustaveli Georgian State Museum (the most important archaeological finds from. Bronze Age to the beginning of XX century), Georgia Museum of art (works of Georgian, oriental, Russian and European art), the Museum of Modern Arts Zurab Tsereteli (many exhibits of the work of Tsereteli), the National gallery of Georgia ( "Blue gallery", temporary exhibitions of masterpieces of Georgian artists XX century). We have time to visit interesting museums or exhibitions.

14.00-15.00 - Our lunch time
We invite you to an elegant restaurant on the Rustaveli Avenue, where we will be treated with crab kababs and delicious Georgian beer.

15.00-18.00 - Turtle Lake, and an open-air museum
We will visit the Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi to touch the roots of the history of Georgia. In the museum there are real homes, brought from different parts of Georgia, vintage household items and much more. After visiting the museum, we will walk along the shore of Turtle Lake.

18.00-19.30 - Free time

Our driver will take us to your desired location that you can visit or have a small rest in a quiet and cozy place. Our guide will be happy to advise for you good places.

18.30-19.00 - Departure Airport

19.00 - Registration at Tbilisi airport and flight back home
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Best of Georgia, 7 days
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Best of Georgia, 7 days
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