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climbing tour
7 days

Many people dream of climbing the highest peaks. Kazbegi (5047m) is an amazing example for that! Legendary Caucasian five thousand meters is located on the border of Russia and Georgia. The ascent from the southern side (Georgia) is technically easier than from Russia. This is a classic route of people who are in love with mountains for more than 100 years.

Physically it is easier to climb Kazbegi than Elbrus. But technically to climb to the top of it is a little more difficult, because people should go with the ligaments. Therefore, in advance, you should be mentally prepared to the fact that climbing would require a maximum concentration of your effort and attention. In addition to climbing the Kazbegi you will get acquainted with a pretty and original Georgia. You will experience famous Georgian hospitality, local food and drink, have chat with friendly people, walking ancient streets in Tbilisi, as well as the many attractions of this proud country.

Join our next trip! Kazbegi is waiting for you!
Day 1
"Down from a mall straight to the ball and the first impression of Georgia"
12.00-15.30 - Transfer from Airport Tbilisi to the village Stepantsminda, which from starts the path to the top of mountains Kazbegi (5047m)
On the way we will be happy to advise you a local restaurant where you will prepare a delicious barbecue sauce with Georgian Tkemali and traditional soup Kharcho.

15.30-16.00 - Accommodation in a private hotel in Kazbegi Guesthouse Lela
In the village Stepantsminda in a homelike atmosphere with stunning views to the summit we will find a friendly hostess Lela.

16.00-19.00 - Free time

In the common lounge you can relax, enjoy the view of the top of Kazbegi in the beautiful courtyard of the hotel or take a stroll through the village Stepantsminda.

19.00-21.00 - Your dinner in Kazbegi Guesthouse Lela
Lela will prepare for you a tasty dinner - eggplant with tomatoes. The hospitality of the hostess, who will treat you near the fireplace or outdoors you will remember for a long time.
Day 2
"Gergeti monastery (2170m.), Pass Sabertse and "Betlemis Kokhi "(Bethlehem hut, the former weather station)"
08.00-09.00 - Breakfast in Kazbegi Guesthouse Lela
Fed Lela's breakfast on top of the background will be the beginning of your journey.

09.00 - Meeting with our climbers
After a delicious breakfast we will meet with our guides - mountaineers with extensive experience in high-altitude climbing.

09.00-10.00 - Gergeti Trinity Monastery recognized as one of the most beautiful churches in the world
Together with guides from the hotel we will go up by car 4x4 to the Gergeti church (XIII c.), which is at 2170 m above sea level and is the highest situated cross-domed church in Europe. From here begins a beautiful cascade of impressions - stunning views of the top of Kazbegi and ridge of the Greater Caucasus.

14.00-15.00 - Pass Sabertse
The incredible beauty of the Big Caucasus - Sabertse pass at 2900 m above sea level where we will have a little rest and snack.

15.00-17.00 - Ascent on foot to the "Betlemis Kokhi" (Bethlehem hut, the former weather station)

After the pass Sabertse we will continue our way on foot to the "Betlemis Kokhi" (3653 m above sea level). The former weather station "Betlemis Kokhi" was founded in 1933. Now there is a climbing camp. In order to avoid extra spanding to transfer right products and minor things during the ascent to the camp our luggage will be transported on horseback. Overall ascent time of 8 hours (up to 1953 m).

17.00 - Accommodation in "Betlemis Kokhi". Free time

We will spend the night in the mountaineering camp where we will have the opportunity to dine, relax and spend time with local climbers.
Day 3
"Acclimatization and explore the area"
09.00-11.00 - Your morning in "Kokhi Betlemis"
Our guides will not hurry us, because we have to go calmly acclimatize. Breakfast and morning coffee on the hight of 3653 m. will charge us with extra energy.

11.00-17.00 - Visit to the resort
After breakfast will start a big day of acclimatization. With guides we will go up to the mountain pass at Ortsveri maximum height of 4300 m. We will be trained to draw snow-ice sessions and to use an ice axe (↑ ↓ approx. 650 m).

17.00 - Free time in "Kohi Betlemis"
For the successful ascent we need sufficient time for the adaptation of the organism. Our climbers recommend a good rest before the most important day of our trip, as our next day begins at 3 am.
Day 4
"Climb to the top"
3.00 - Climbing to the top
Get ready for a meeting with an unforgettable experience - with our georgian climbers you start climbing to the top of Kazbegi. Total ascent time is 12-15 hours.

03.00-12.00 - The rise to the top (peak day)
We begin a long and strenuous ascent to the snow and ice shrouded peak. The route is combined. On the way there are cracks so you will need to have a special climbing equipment: rope and safety harness (we recommend also to take special equipment for hire: ice axes, climbing cats, strappings, carbines). The hardest are last 100m - ascent to the peak which varies the slope of the peak.

12.00-17.00 - Descent to the climbing camp
After the climb we will descend into the "Betlemis Kokhi" where we will share experience with other mountaineers groups. Will have dinner and spend the night there.
Day 5
"Reserve Day"

Weather in the mountains is unstable, so it is important to have at least one day for the second attempt for the ascent in case of bad weather. In the mountains the weather changes frequently, so we will offer you the chance to climb to the top on the next day. If the weather will not yield (will not play along - as climbers say), after the ascent we will descend to the village Stepantsminda.
Day 6
"Castle Ananuri temple, Alpian mountain ski resort Gudauri and the city Tbilisi"
08.00-08.30 - Breakfast at "Betlemis Kokhi"

08.30-12.30 - Descend from "Betlemis Kokhi" to the village Stepantsminda
Together with our guides we will come back to the village where we will take transport.

12.30-14.00 - Homeland Khinkali, Pasanauri

After the Cross Pass (2395 m) and the Alpine mountain-skiing resort Gudauri our way continues in the village of Pasanauri.

14.00-15.00 - Lunch in a restaurant of Kavtaradze family
After conquering the top our dinner will be special - in a famous family restaurant Kavtaradze we will eat a delicious mountain-Georgian dishes Khinkali, barbecue and local vodka chacha.

15.30-16.30 - Temple Castle Ananuri (XVII century.) And Zhinvali Reservoir
On the way we will visit the temple-castle Ananuri (XVII century.), which is included in the preliminary list of UNESCO-World Heritage sites. Castle-Temple is located at Zhinvali reservoir where you can swim.

16.30-17.30 - Return to Tbilisi
Famous Georgian Military Highway in Aragvi gorge will be our road while we return to the capital of Georgia.

17.30-19.00 - Accommodation in Gallery Hostel Tbilisi
We will have free time before the gala dinner. You can relax in comfortable surroundings or take a stroll in the Old City through the narrow streets with tiny colorful squares and Tbilisi old wooden houses with carved balconies.

- Gala dinner in a luxury restaurant Mravalzhamieri (from Georgian - Many of the summer)

A traditional Georgian feast will wait for us, delicious food and great wine. For us will be cooked veal in wine sauce, this dish is particularly delicious with dispensing wine from winery Khareba". Company will make for us Georgian performers who will perform live songs for the ancient Georgian feasts and sing your favorite hits. Another experience of a lifetime - Georgian polyphony and incendiary national dances at a hearty dinner in one of the best restaurants in town.
Day 7
"See you in Tbilisi"
08.00-09.00 - Breakfast at Gallery Hostel Tbilisi
Fed home-made breakfast will be a great start of the morning.

09.00-12.00 - Free time in Tbilisi
After breakfast we will have a free time to explore the city better. Not far from our hotel the Old Town and the city's main avenue - Rustaveli and Freedom Square, are many historical buildings: Monument St. Giorgi, Town Hall, Theatre National Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre Rustaveli Georgian State Museum (the most important archaeological finds from Bronze Age to the beginning of XX century), Georgia Museum of art (works of Georgian, oriental, Russian and European art), Museum of Modern Art of Zurab Tsereteli (many exhibits of the work of Tsereteli), the National gallery of Georgia ( "Blue gallery", temporary exhibitions of masterpieces of Georgian artists of XX century). We would advise you to visit the traditional souk or "flea market", which is close to "Dry Bridge" where you will find everything from antiques to the avant-garde works by contemporary artists.

18.30-19.00 - Meeting with a driver at your place. Transfer to the airport
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Climbing Tour, 7 days
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Climbing Tour, 7 days
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