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wine tour

5 days, Premium
There are ordinary pictures and there are works of art that you should feel to understand. The same with Georgia. It is simply wine that you drank before. And there are Georgian wines, which we will show you.

During the wine tour you will visit traditional Georgian feasts with delicious local cuisines, discover the world of Georgian wines made in ancient monasteries and modern wineries. You will visit the ancient sulfur baths. And even swim in the wine pool, which will cleanse your skin, recharge your energy and clear your mind.

Because you deserve the best.
Day 1
"Sulfur baths and first Georgian wine (visit card of Tbilisi)"
12.00 - Tbilisi
We will organize transfer for you from the Tbilisi airport to your hotel in the city. Our drivers for sure will help to bring your luggage to the car and from there to your room in the hotel.

12.30-13.00 - Accommodation in a spa hotel Mercure Tbilisi Old Town ****
Hotel Mercure Old Town is located on the bank of the river Mtkvari (Kura) and offers a wide choice of health, beauty and spa services with the sulfuric water from spring sources.

14.00-15.00 - Lunch in a restaurant of traditional Georgian cuisine
Chef will cook a real Georgian khinkali (traditional ravioli), delicious khachapuri (cheese roll) and skewers of pork with sauce Tkemali an integral part of any Georgian feast.

16.00-17.30 - Visiting Mount Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain)
We go up by the cable car, walk to the updated funicular with the panoramic view of Tbilisi. And visit Legvtahevi the waterfall in the Old Town.

18.00-19.00 - Abanotubani, the famous sulfur baths in the city center
You will be made a traditional massage Kisa, after which you will feel like born again.

19.00-19.30 - Walk across the Kura River
After the bath definitely need to go out and get some air. Next to the sulfur baths there is a river Kura, on the hill you will see the old fortress Narikala, which is even older than the city.

20.00-22.30 - Dinner in Georgian restaurant Mravalzhamieri
It will present Georgian feast, delicious food and great wine. Georgian singers will perform live old Georgian songs. Very intimate atmosphere.

- Return to the hotel. Free time

Day 2
"The monastery with a vineyard near the city of love and the best wines forcing Pheasant's tears"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at the hotel Mercure Tbilisi Old Town ****
The cozy garden with the interior of flowers, breakfast will be particularly tasty.

10.00-12.00 - Departure to Kakheti
We go to the Kakheti region, which Georgians call "the cradle of wine".

12.00-12.45 - Bodbe Monastery with vineyard
Wine in Georgia is not just a drink. In the IV century Saint Nino (Georgian saint) preached Christianity cross from the vine. And around in a beautiful vineyard nuns still grow old Georgian grape varieties that we necessarily will taste.

13.00-14.00 - Tour of love
Near the monastery there is the city of love Sighnaghi. It is in this city of Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani created for his beloved "Million scarlet roses", whose story became the basis of the well-known song.

14.00-15.00 - Lunch in Kakheti
Dining will be at a local restaurant with a view on the Alazani Valley. In the open air, enjoying the beauty of the vineyards and the Caucasus in Kakheti we will eat barbecue and drink delicious homemade wine.

15.15-16.15 - Wine Kvevri
In Georgia there is a belief that only the best wine can make a pheasant cry with joy. We will visit the Georgian wine cellar "Pheasant Tears" and try wine from jars buried in the ground Kvevri. This wine you have never drank.

16.30-17.30 - Homeland Kindzmarauli
In Kvareli in the homeland of the legendary "Kindzmarauli" we will drink wine and learn all the details of the origin of "the drink of the gods" in Georgia.
Day 3
City of famous georgian artist Valiko Mizandari, the biggest Kvevri (wine jug) in Georgia and the peak of the day - a wine spa"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at Lopota Lake Resort & Spa ****
Breakfast in the open air of the dishes of Georgian cuisine prepared with local organic products will create a special mood of your morning during the whole day.

10.00-10.45 - Telavi, capital of Kakheti
We will be in the hometown of Valiko Mizandari from the movie "Mimino". Monument king of Kakheti Heraclius II and a huge 950-year-old tree in the center of Chinar - perfect places to make delightful photos.

11.30-13.00 - Manor Tsinandali, the famous Georgian family
We will visit the first European salon in Georgia house museum nobility Tsinandali (XIX c.) with a unique garden. After the tour we will be offered to taste different wines from the famous historical "Marani Tsinandali" (wine cellar), where Prince Alexander Chavchavadze first time in Georgia produced wine by European technologies.

13.45-14.15 - Main Church of Kakheti, Alaverdi Cathedral (XI century)
In the cathedral monks collect honey and grow grapes from which they make delicious monastic wine. It also can be bougth here.

14.15-14.45 - The village and huge Napareuli kvevri (wine jug)
In the village we will visit Napareuli, the greatest kvevri in Georgia. However, very large.

15.00-16.30 - Lunch at "Wine house twins in Napareuli"
Visit to the most famous Georgian twins, where we will taste lunch and during it at the traditional Georgian feast we will taste famous wines of our hosts.

16.30-17.30 - Museum Kvevri and Kakhetian "Zavodoba"
We will visit the old and new type cellar, museum Kvevri and take a look at "Zavodoba" - the process of production of chacha (grape vodka). After forcing it we will taste it. When it is fresh it is very tasty.

17.30-18.00 - Surprise from the company Welcome to GEORGIA

Of course, the Georgian wine is the best gift for true connoisseurs of Georgian wine, because you deserve the best! Directly in front of our eyes Kvevri will be opened and spill the wine into the bottle. Your bottle of wine will be a surprise from the company Welcome to GEORGIA :)

19.00-20.00 - Hotel Accommodation Hotel & Wine SPA Resort Kvareli Eden ****
In addition to luxury hotel in the midst of vineyards in the style of the early XX century, here you will find an extraordinary relaxation and recuperation. Atmospheric hotel.

20.00-21.30 - Dinner at the Hotel & Wine SPA Resort Kvareli Eden ****
Unforgettable dinner in the restaurant (or outside, if weather permits), incredibly delicious food with traditional Georgian dishes and homemade wine - all will not leave you indifferent.

21.30-22.10 - Wine Spa
At the end of a busy day after a rich taste and aroma of Georgian wines, you will have the opportunity to swim in the pool full of wine. This you will remember for a lifetime.

22.10 - Free time
You can relax in the hotel spa with indoor swimming pool, or play tennis, or exercise at the gym, or just take a walk in the fresh air in a beautiful garden in the middle of vineyards.
Day 4
"Tasting of premium wines in the Royal Marani, the ancient capital and Tbilisi"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at the Hotel & Wine SPA Resort Kvareli Eden****
Breakfast in a beautiful green area between the mountains and vineyards will make your morning a fairy tale.

10.00-13.00 - The Holy City of Mtskheta

We will go to the religious center of Georgia, Mtskheta. Orthodox call it the "second Jerusalem".

13.00-13.45 - Patriarchal Cathedral of the Life-Giving Pillar Temple - Svetitskhoveli (XI century)
While walking through the shops in Mtskheta you can buy various beautiful souvenirs. At the heart of the city of Mtskheta is the temple - one of the most sacred places of Georgia where Heaton Lord kept. Grand Cathedral is famous by its murals and color facades decorated with different reliefs.

14.00-15.30 - Lunch in a restaurant in Mtskheta
Here for us will be prepared chakhokhbili, eggplants with spicy paste of walnuts and mushrooms with sulguni (delicious Georgian cheese) on a clay griddle ketsi.

15.45-16.15 - Jvari Monastery (VI-VII centuries)

After a delicious lunch we will walk to the monastery Jvari (the Holy Cross) with a breathtaking view of the city of Mtskheta and converge the two rivers - Aragvi mountain and muddy Kura.

16.15-16.45 - Royal Marani
We will visit the Chateau Mukhrani - one of the best Chateau with remarkable stables and a beautiful garden.

16.45-18.15 - Tasting of premium wines
After the tour in the royal castle and the tour at the winery we will tast wine in the royal Marani with the history of the Georgian royal family, breathtaking legends of antiquity aroma and delicious wines.

18.15-18.45 - Return to Tbilisi
Here we will have a gala dinner in a fine restaurant.

19.00-19.45 - Hotel Accommodation in Astoria Tbilisi ****
It has a terrace with stunning views of the city. You can relax before dinner or swim in the pool. After dinner you can go to Tbilisi funicular. It works almost overnight and is located next to the hotel.

20.00-22.30 - Gala dinner at a restaurant Sahli Kartuli (Georgian House)
Georgian polyphony and incendiary national dances on a beautiful dinner in one of the best restaurants in town. Here we will have veal in wine sauce, this dish is particularly delicious with dispensing wine from winery "Brothers Dugladze."

22.30 - Return to the hotel. Free time

Day 5
"The city which is not easy to leave, or the day at Utsho suneli"
9.00-9.45 - Breakfast at the hotel Astoria Tbilisi ****
After a morning coffee and fed breakfast we leave the hotel to go on a city tour of Tbilisi.

10.00-13.00 - The capital of the historical part of the foot of the fortress Narikala
Tbilisi will break your heart with its charming romantic narrow streets, artistically decorated with facades, Tbilisi old wooden houses with carved balconies. Many attractions are located close to each other. We will visit the city's main fortress Narikala (IV c.), which is considered by locals as "the heart of Tbilisi". We will walk down to the old town center and walk along the street Shardeni where you will feal the atmosphere of the Great Silk Road. Nearby is the Sioni Cathedral (VI-VIII of centuries.) and Anchiskhati Basilica (VI c.), the music wonderful clock tower near the puppet theater Rezo Gabriadze and glass footbridge World, which symbolically connects the Old City with a new part of it.

13.30-14.30 - Lunch in a restaurant in the old town
Here we will have a delicious soup Kharcho, Lobio (beans) with the famous local herbs and served with a glass of Georgian wine home.

14.30-15.30 - Traditional Bazaar
To impress friends and family when you return home you should visit a traditional bazaar market to buy fragrant spices suneli Utsho, local cheese and delicious sweets Suluguni churchkhela.

15.30-16.30 - "Flea Market"
At the flea market, which is close to the Dry Bridge, you will find everything that you can imagine - from antiques in a traditional style to the avant-garde works of modern Georgian artists.

- Free time

Our drivers will take you to any place in Tbilisi, so you can relax in a quiet café or just stroll through the lovely old streets.

18.30-19.00 - Meet your guide at your hotel and prepare to leave. Transfer to the airport
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Wine Tour, 5 days (Premium)
Niniko Koridze
Head of Client Service Welcome to GEORGIA
The author of the program Wine Tour, 5 days (Premium)
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